Traveling in Bangkok – Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re visiting Thailand, chances are that you will stay in Bangkok and probably fall in love with this fascinating and colorful city. The rush of amazing sounds and sights may confuse a first-time traveler to Bangkok, so much so that you may end up missing out on some amazing things.

Why is Bangkok so popular?

It’s the largest city in Thailand as well as the most developed too. However, it maintains the traditional charm as well as having all the modern facilities available. This makes it unique and attractive to most tourists. No matter what your interest might be, there will be something for you in this charming city. There is beauty and chaos, freedom as well as adventure, and much to see. From breath-taking grand palaces to impressive skyscrapers, from traditional temples to the lively city, there is something for everyone. Of course, being such a popular city, it is important to try and book discounted tickets on time so you don’t miss your chance to visit this delightful city.

Travel to Bangkok

To do or not to do, that is the question?

Do: Visit the Temple of Dawn

Wat Arun is located opposite the Grand Palace on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. This traditional site is unique in architecture as compared to other temples. The spire which has a direct view of the river bank is covered from top to bottom with minute pieces of colored glass and Chinese porcelain. In case, you’re feeling extra energized you can climb this steep 70-meter high spire which boasts the best views of Bangkok’s skyline.

Don’t: Get an already parked taxi

Why is that? Because a parked taxi usually means a corrupt driver who is waiting to charge you double or triple the amount for a cheaper journey.

Do: Shop at the floating markets

Not only is this unique in the Southeast Asia region, but it is one of the more fun lively places. On either side are boats carrying all sorts of fresh tropical fruits anchored. Coconut juice, local food, and other street food give you a more flavorful experience in Bangkok.

Don’t: Carry your passport around

To avoid any unnecessary trouble or a mad dash to the police station, only carry a copy of your original passport. Things can always go awry but this will give you some control over the situation.

Do: Get a Thai Massage

I think when I say Thailand, somewhere in the back of your mind the term Thai massage floats about. If you visit Bangkok then you just have to try it at least once. With all the traveling and visiting temples, you’re bound to get tired. A relaxing massage will do the trick.

Don’t: Disrespect the culture

Buddhism being the dominating religion in Thailand, it is obvious that their temples are very significant places. Dress modestly and if you happen to be a female, then respect the monks by not sitting next to them.

Do: Visit Sky Bar and Hotel

This is the tallest building in Thailand. The 88-story building looks out over the entire Bangkok skyline with views that’ll make your pictures even better. The best part is the 360-degree rotating viewpoint right at the very top of the building. They also give a complimentary drink voucher with a normal cover charge.

Don’t: Worry about the water

Traveling to Southeast Asia, one might be concerned about the water being unclean however you should let go of your worries because in Bangkok as the water (and ice!) is absolutely clean there.

Do: Go for a Khlong tour

Not only is this one cheaper than other tours but it will also give you some insight into Thai history. The tour will show you how people use to live back then in Bangkok. A taste of the simple life is always fascinating.

Don’t: Forget to stand up during the King’s Anthem

Respecting the country and its tradition is not only a good thing to do but it also leaves a nice impression of the country you’re visiting from. Besides, showing respect to the monarchy in Thailand will win you many smiles of approval.

Do: Visit the Grand Palace

This historical site was built in 1782 and used to be the home of the Thai King, the royal court, and the administrative seat of the government. The Grand Palace is a renowned historical place worldwide and worth a visit.

Don’t: Step on Thai Money

In Thai tradition, the head is considered closest to heaven as it is the highest part of our body. Touching someone on their head, even jokingly is highly offensive.

Do: Visit Soi Rambuttri

Similar to the Khlong tour, Rambuttri gives you a taste of how it used to be in Bangkok. It wasn’t always so flashy and advanced but the simpler way of life holds its charm.

Don’t: Don’t buy a Buddha statue

As I stated earlier, Buddhism is the dominant religion and thus the Buddha statue is held in high esteem. It is not allowed to take a Buddha statue outside the country without the proper procedures hence it may cause needless problems.

Do: Visit Soi Cowboy

In Thai the word “Soi” means street. This one is named after the African-American who opened the first bar here in the 1970s. Yes, the gentleman did wear a cowboy hat! The neon look of this street will prove to be quite aesthetically pleasing and make for some lovely photos.

Don’t: Forget to bring an insect repellent

During monsoon or humid weather, there will be quite a few bugs waiting to feast upon you or generally get in your way. Best to keep a good insect repellent at hand.

Of course, there is still so much more to do in Bangkok but these few do’s and don’ts will at least set you on the right path as a first-time traveler. The adventurer in you will find furthermore interesting things that might be just the thing for you.

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